About Cordo & Company, LLC.:  Agility - Experience - Results

Navigating the complex and turbulent waters of New York State government has never been easy. Every year it becomes more and more challenging for New York businesses, unions, trade associations, and not-for-profits to achieve their legislative and regulatory objectives. Growth in the size, reach, and sophistication of government has resulted in the proliferation of interests seeking influence in Albany. The modes and methods of communication with policy makers have multiplied exponentially. For advocacy to be successful in the current climate it must be more agile and sophisticated -- combining traditional methods of access and influence with coalition building, public opinion advocacy, and, when necessary, paid and earned media.

At Cordo & Company we not only recognize the need for a fresh approach to government relations, every member of our firm has experience in achieving significant success for clients by incorporating cutting edge campaign techniques with strategic, high quality traditional lobbying. Whether it be a campaign to stop massive health care cuts, enactment of the Transportation Bond Act, or coalition building to stop onerous beverage industry tax legislation, we at Cordo & Company understand that success in Albany depends on knowledge, experience, and creativity.

We formed Cordo & Company to use our collective experience and strategic approach to ensure results for our clients.